Pool Table Moving


We specialize in Pool Table Moving, Recovering/Felt/Cushion Rubber, Maintenance and New & Used Table Sales.

Action Billiards Service  has been in business over 40 years and was voted #1in billiard service, we are fully insured and our work is fully guaranteed, All our men work for us (Not sub contracted) and are completely trained to tackle any job put to them.    

 We relocate all makes and model pool tables. 

Whether you want to move your table to another room, or to another home, there are certain things to keep in mind before you move your table. Your pool table is usually between 700 to 1100 pounds and can be damaged if not moved properly. Upon initial installation, each piece of slate is carefully leveled to ensure a perfectly flat playing surface.

You should NEVER move the pool table in one piece. The pool table must first be disassembled. If you lift the pool table using the side rails, you will most likely cause the slate to become unleveled or develop an uneven playing surface or it is possible to break the side rails, the legs or the slate. The proper way to move the pool table is to first disassemble the pool table, move the table to the second location in pieces, then carefully reassemble it and reinstall the existing cloth.

We will completely disassemble your table, pack it up, move it to a second address, and assemble the table while getting it precisely level. We take excellent care of the tables that we transport. We pay close attention to make sure the finish doesn't get scratched, and we use furniture blankets where necessary.

From One Home to Another - No extra charge for stairs on a three-piece slate table.

To determine the size of your table please click here.

Call me if you need assistance to find out the size or to determine how many pieces of slate your table has.

We always save the cloth on a move.

Action Billiards Service also can store your table in our warehouse at a low price of $2.00 a day. (please note that a $75.00 charge is applied for unloading and loading of the table into our storage facility.)

Call 201-245-4019 or E-Mail Actionbilliardsservice@gmail.com for price.