Pool Table Measuring


Measuring Your Pool Table

There are different size pool tables, different manufacturers use different width rails, so the billiard standard is to measure your playing surface.

From the short side of the table, measure in inches between the cushion points across the table . Don’t measure under the cushion or inside the pocket. The length is always double the width

Table sizes are:
7′ — 40″ x 80″
8′ — 44″ x 88″
Pro 8′ — 46″ x 92″
9′ — 50″ x 100″

 Number of Slates

So, do you  have a one piece slate pool table or three? It makes a big difference if you are moving or recovering a table.  Take a look underneath the rails near the side pocket. If you see a break, you have a three piece slate table.

Newer tables usually have three pieces of slate. Many tables manufactured in the 1970s used one piece slates, but not all. Nine footers are always three piece slates! Some antique tables have four pieces.

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