NFL®Balls 2-1/4"
An Exciting New Twist on 8-Ball

For years one of the standards in billiards has been 8 ball. This timeless game is enjoyed by both men and women players. The simple strategy of sinking all of your balls (stripes or solids) then making the eight-bal as the winning shot makes it fun as well as challenging Up until now the traditional stripes and solids method was the only way to play ... but now the excitement begins. Imagine battling it out with NFL team balls! Two NFL teams meeting head-to-head on the pool table. Forget about which team is considered a favorite on the football field, it's a whole new ball game on the pool table.... it's now in your hands.

Quality where it counts

Belgian Aramith billiard balls are considered the finest
in the industry. Perfectly round and balanced, uniform
weight and hardness, brilliant colors, friction resistant
roll and reaction have earned its worldwide reputation
as the premiere ball. These balls are designed to
withstand high impact, lasting up to five times longer
than balls made from polymers or polyester.
Every NFL team logo and colors are
precisely reproduced onto each billiard ball.

Collect 1 ball or all 31 teams

These balls are certain to deliver satisfaction whether
you are displaying them in the game room or playing
them on the pool table. Start your collection of Official
NFL billiard balls with any of the four easy methods we
offer below.

Full Set
(16 balls) 

Split Set Deluxe 
(9 balls)

Split Set
(7 balls) 







Model Team 1 Team 2
 Full Set 16 balls
 Split Set Deluxe, 9 balls 1 complete team w/cue & 8 ball 
 Split Set, 7 balls One Team
 Individual Ball, Gift box    w/Stand


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